Charlie's Projects

Charlie writes full length novels and provides editing services. Click below to navigate to pages with further information.


Charlie works in Fantasy and AU Romance. Their first full length novel is underway now.


Charlie offers discounted editing services for other indie authors. Pricing information available.

In This Heart, this first in the All Our Demons trilogy will be here soon!

Logan is having prophetic dreams about Casey being attacked for her powers by an unknown foe who is attacking monsters & beasts all over the continent.

The warriors, trained to battle monsters and beasts, have a troubled past and they’ve been apart for three years. Being back together proves that Casey’s anger hasn’t waned and their feelings for each other haven’t changed. They are explosive, both in fights and in one another’s arms, but the battle they face is much bigger than anyone could have expected. They’ll have to save each other if they’re going to save the world.

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